Towards an anti-capitalist and anti-colonial environmentalism

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Talking Radical Radio interviewed Solidarity Halifax members Sam Krawec and Chelsea Fougere to talk about their work through our Ecojustice Committee, which aims to bring anti-capitalists and environmentalists together, and to create a space for people to engage in analysis and action that works towards building an anti-capitalist, anti-colonial environmentalism.

“Historically, anti-capitalist organizations (in their various ideological flavours) have not always done a good job of taking environmental struggles seriously. Similarly, many environmental groups have historically stopped far short of recognizing the roots of our multiple and overlapping environmental crises in how capitalism organizes our communities and our lives. And neither of them – at least when said organizations are mostly comprised of white Canadians – have a great track record when it comes to appreciating how integral struggles against colonialism and racism are to all of those issues.”


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