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Solidarity Halifax declares its firm solidarity with postal workers who went on strike following Canada Post’s refusal to address major issues put forward by workers during negotiation rounds.

Rotating strikes began on Monday, October 22nd, 2018, in Victoria, Edmonton, Windsor, and Halifax and have since moved on to Toronto. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), which represents over 50,000 workers, has been in negotiations with Canada Post for almost a year.

Overburdening and workplace safety are major concerns of the workers. Currently, postal workers are being forced to work 12-hour days under unsafe conditions to meet deadlines while Canada Post shows little preoccupation with health and safety conditions. During the last four years there have been 30,774 injuries to CUPW members, 14,751 of these being disabling injuries. While over the last few years the number of letters processed has declined, online shopping has caused massive increase in parcel volumes, which Canada Post has failed to adapt for, causing excessive burden on workers.

Another important issue is the employment conditions of Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers. Despite finally gaining pay equity just last month in an arbitrator decision that came after months of negotiations, the (mainly female) rural carriers are still bargaining to reach full equality, including pay for all hours worked, job security, and guaranteed work hours.

The CUPW has long been a leader in the labour movement, committed to rank-and-file democracy and international solidarity. Their dedication to women’s rights is exemplary as well, with a 1981 strike for maternity benefits resulting in benefits for most working women in Canada. We stand in full solidarity with postal workers in their struggle for healthy and safe wrkplaces, job security, gender equality, and for preserving and expanding public services.

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