Statement: Anti-Imperialist Day of Struggle

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Solidarity Halifax joins the call for an Anti-Imperialist Day of Struggle, November 30, 2018, and declares its solidarity with the organizations and social movements represented by ALBA Movimientos and all peoples who find themselves in struggle for independence against the forces of imperialism and reaction.

The last thirty years have seen the worldwide implementation of neoliberal globalization pushed by the imperialist policies of the United States, Canada and their allies, which have caused the crisis of capitalism to become more frequent and more severe. Vast economic inequities between imperial powers and nations they plunder are compounded by the crisis of ecological disasters, which hit hardest in the global south.

As the systemic crisis deepens, imperial nations engage in increasingly aggressive attacks on poor and working people around the world, resorting to propping up sexist, racist and fascistic tendencies with the goal of crushing workers’ rights, socialist organizations, and social movements.

This trend can be seen clearly in the events that paved the way for neofascist Jair Bolsonaro’s rise to power in Brazil. The removal of the Worker’s Party from power in 2016, on the grounds of anti-corruption, was a direct result of collaboration of sections of the Brazilian Judiciary and the US State Department.

Canadian complacency and imperial profit motives are best reflected by the CBC tweet that Bolsonaro’s election in Brazil “could mean fresh opportunities for Canadian companies looking to invest in the resource-rich country.”

As working people in Canada, we reject the imperialism of the Canadian state and transnational corporations headquartered in Canada.  We stand along our comrades in ALBA Movimientos against US imperialism, its support of violent far-right movements in Central and South America, policies of intervention, economic exploitation, blockade, and illegal occupation. We condemn and oppose transnational corporations and their predatory attacks on the Amazon, Latin American territories and indigenous peoples.

We stand in international solidarity with Latin America and support all peoples waging struggle for their self-determination against the attacks of imperialism.

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