Statement on Antifascist counter-demonstration of June 22nd, 2019

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Solidarity K’jipuktuk Halifax condemns the actions of the Halifax Regional Police (HRP) during the events of June 22nd at Grand Parade and re-iterates its statement of solidarity toward those putting their health and safety on the line for the protection of immigrants, refugees, and the community as a whole. The National Citizens Alliance (NCA) is a white nationalist, Islamophobic, racist organization that should get no platform to spread and propagandize their views.

Three NCA members arrived at the Grand Parade around 12:30pm and were immediately met with an overwhelming number of counterdemonstrators. The NCA was unable to set up and eventually left. During these events, a counterdemonstrator was arrested for what the HRP called “an assault” of one NCA member. Video of the incident clearly shows that the NCA member was not touched by anyone at the scene. The HRP not only stepped in to protect fascists from supposed aggressions, but also purposefully misrepresented facts in their statement on the events.

At approximately 2:30pm, NCA members returned to Grand Parade. At this time, three members of the NCA swarmed, knocked over, and attacked one counterdemonstrator. This is also shown on video. One police officer responded to this situation by discharging pepper-spray at the counterdemonstrator who was on the ground and being swarmed by four NCA members, and then arresting the counterdemonstrator. As this was happening, an NCA member known as Kevin (Patrick) Pearl attacked a female counterdemonstrator. Pearl was put in a police car but was soon after released with no arrest made. Another NCA member, appearing to be intoxicated, was arrested and removed from the area. The NCA then left the area.

We thank and extend warm solidarity to Halifax Against Hate for organizing the counterdemonstration, as well as to all who attended and actively participated. Together, we successfully prevented the NCA rally from occurring, denying them a platform to voice their rhetoric of hate, white nationalism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia. We will always be fighting fascism and hate by your side. We condemn the Halifax Regional Police for their actions and their inaccurate statement of events. Through their actions, the HRP has demonstrated that they are ready to actively protect those who wish to threaten our community.