Anti-capitalist Response to COVID-19: Poster Series

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photograph of anti-capitalist posters responding to COVID-19

COVID-19 has highlighted many dimensions of the crisis of capitalism. Solidarity Kjipuktuk / Halifax believes a better world is possible; a world where a global pandemic would be met with care and material support on all fronts. Instead we see this virus hitting hardest in marginalized communities and bosses already rolling back wage increases for front line workers.

If we’re supposed to stay the blazes home, let’s start with the kind of supports that would make that possible for all people living in Nova Scotia. We need rent control, 10 paid sick days and a living wage for all workers, in-community care for people with disabilities, non-profit long-term care and proper protections for all healthcare workers.

Show your support for fairness and justice in response to COVID in Nova Scotia! We’re asking members and supporters of Solidarity Kjipuktuk / Halifax to put up posters in their windows or poster around their neighbourhoods.

Sign-up for HRM delivery or to request posters to be delivered by letter mail.

Download printer-friendly versions of our posters here:

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