Solidarity Kjipuktuk / Halifax Statement of Dissolution

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After over 10 years of organizing and activism, the members of Solidarity Kjipuktuk / Halifax have voted to dissolve the organization.

This decision was made after considerable discussion, consultation, and reflection by the membership of Solidarity Kjipuktuk / Halifax. Although we are sad to mark an end to the organization, the decision to dissolve was made in an amicable and comradely manner.

Solidarity Kjipuktuk / Halifax was founded in 2011 as Solidarity Halifax. From the beginning, our stated goal was to bring together people of various ideological tendencies and backgrounds with a common cause to fight capitalism and all other forms of oppression and exploitation.

Over the next decade, the organization underwent a number of changes, including a name change in 2019 to recognize the Mi’kmaw name for the land we organize on. We also engaged in a wide range of campaigns rooted in the struggles for workers’ rights, anti-racism, environmental justice, and Indigenous sovereignty. We are incredibly proud of our work over these past 10 years. We believe we have made a positive impact in the struggles we have engaged with, and we hope with all humility that we have helped expand and strengthen the broader Left in Halifax. We also acknowledge that we have made our fair share of mistakes as an organization. It is our wish and hope that present and future organizations can look to our history and work, our successes and failures, as sources of both education and inspiration.


Solidarity Kjipuktuk / Halifax was founded under the slogan “A Better World Is Possible.” Each of our members carries forward a commitment to seeing that better world become a reality.


With love and solidarity,
The members of Solidarity Kjipuktuk / Halifax

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