The guiding principals for Solidarity Kjipuktuk / Halifax (2011-2021) were:


We see capitalism as an unjust economic system that puts profits ahead of the needs of people and the planet.
We create space to respectfully debate and promote strategies for opposing capitalism.


We work to oppose all societal injustice, both in our internal organizing practices and through our external campaigns.


We do not restrict ourselves to any particular leftist tradition like anarchism, communism, socialism, and so on.
We do not treat the struggle for a better world as a contest of theory.


We welcome members who identify with numerous leftist or anti-capitalist traditions.
We foster positive debate around political positions and do not adhere strictly to any particular tradition.


The highest decision-making body of Solidarity Kjipuktuk / Halifax is the general membership.
We count on having an active membership so we can all make decisions together with both sensitivity and efficiency.