Our Eco-Justice Committee supported resistance efforts against climate change, environmental racism, and ongoing colonialism. This included support for frontline resistance efforts against the Alton Gas Storage Facility project in Stewiacke, the Northern Pulp mill in Pictou, BP drilling offshore of Sable Island, and the failure of Nalcor to uphold their original agreement with Innu and Inuit communities impacted by the Muskrat Falls dam. We brought anti-capitalist perspectives to the Climate 2030 working group and the Nova Scotia Environmental Network.

Solidarity With Alton Gas Resistance

For example, members of the Anti-Racism and Eco-Justice Committee initiated a coalition group called “Solidarity with Alton Gas Resistance” (SWAGR) with a focus on supporting frontline resistance efforts against the Alton Natural Gas Storage Facility Project in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia. We did so with direction from Millbrook First Nation, Sipekne’katik First Nation, and other residents of the Shubenacadie area.

Visiting the Treaty Camp is an important way to show your support. Take note of these tips when planning to visit the camp.

Guideposts for Environmental Organizing Against Capitalism

In September 2017, our Eco-Justice Committee produced Guideposts for Environmental Organizing Against Capitalism, a pamphlet that outlines our collective analysis of environmental justice and effective ways to struggle toward it.