Landlord Licensing and Landlord Accountability

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Landlord lice What is landlord licensing? Landlord licensing is a system under which landlords are required to apply for a license to rent residential properties to tenants. It aims to prevent landlords forcing tenants to live in unsafe and otherwise unacceptable conditions. It is not just a registry; a landlord registry ensures that landlords are … [Read More]

Social Housing: How do we go from Crisis to Housing Security?

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What is social housing? Social housing is a broad term which encompasses many different non-market or partially non-market housing schemes. However, here, we will focus on public housing. Public housing attempts to collectivise the provision of housing, through the state as opposed to purely market-based housing schemes which rely upon the individual to purchase housing … [Read More]

We Need Rent Control!

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Rent Increases and Rent Control Landlords have jacked up the rent during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest Rental Market Report by the Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation, landlords in the Halifax Regional Municipality increased rents by an average of 4.1% last year – even despite a slight increase in the overall vacancy rate. Some … [Read More]

Open Letter to West Hants Regional Municipality re: Avon River

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Photo: Eric Wayne / SaltWire To the Committee of the Whole Members of West Hants Regional Municipality, Re:  Avon River Gate Operations Ministerial Order March 16, 2021 We are writing in solidarity with members of Treaty Truckhouse #2 regarding their recommendation that the Council not ask for the cessation of the Ministerial Order (MO) cited … [Read More]

Open Letter: Affordable Housing Commission

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To the Affordable Housing Commission, Solidarity Kjipuktuk / Halifax submits the following: In Halifax and the province, we are facing a housing crisis. The existence of this commission and the implementation of rent control (however provisional and temporary) are signals that the province has deigned to recognise this crisis. However, more action is needed to … [Read More]

PRESS RELEASE: Community groups demand Iain Rankin rescind McNeil’s $5 million corporate giveaway 

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A coalition of community organizations are demanding that the new premier rescind the $5 million “investment” that Stephen McNeil announced for Sandpiper Ventures on February 5, 2021, and invest that money towards increasing capacity at women’s shelters and improving the affordability of childcare in the province.  Solidarity Kjipuktuk/Halifax, CUPE local 4745 (representing early childhood educators), … [Read More]

Understanding the housing crisis in Kjipuktuk/Halifax

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By Sam Krawec, Solidarity Kjipuktuk/Halifax & Spring member The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the housing crisis in Kjipuktuk/Halifax. In the past year, landlords have increased rents anywhere from 17% to as much as 90%, and the number of people who are homeless has doubled. Tenants have reported having to go without medications and food as … [Read More]

Mi’kmaw Livelihoods, Not Clearwater Billions

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5 November 2020 Solidarity Kjipuktuk / Halifax voices our opposition to Clearwater Seafoods’ megafishery on the basis that it threatens Mi’kmaw livelihood fishing. Just by existing, Clearwater’s massive operation poses a serious threat to both Mi’kmaw livelihoods and lobster conservation.  We oppose the special treatment that Clearwater Seafoods receives from the Canadian government. Clearwater’s LF41 … [Read More]

Solidarity with Mi’kmaq assertion of treaty rights

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Solidarity Kjipuktuk / Halifax stands in solidarity with the Sipekne’katik First Nation and Potlotek First Nation and wholeheartedly supports Mi’kmaw rights-based fisheries. Our organization also broadly supports the Mi’kmaq assertion of inherent rights and treaty rights. We condemn the settler1 violence with which the exercise of Mi’kmaw treaty rights is being met. We are all … [Read More]